D-link router customer service Number

Solution of Some Issue mainly occurred in D-links Router

Solution for Port forwarding issue in D-link router

  1. Login to your home page on the router on default browser. Open your web browser and type down the IP address of you’r router inside the search bar. 
  2.  Type in username and password in the blank blocks.
  3. After you have successfully logged in, locate the option ‘Gateway’ in the menu. Click on the gateway button and find the option “port forwarding”.  If you are not bale to locate it you can check it under advanced settings.
  4. Enter the port  internally or externally. If you are not able to do it then contact D-link router technical support.
  5. When you have entered the protocol, type in the static IP address. Then open your control panel  and click on network and the internet settings, then network and sharing centre.

Assisting in connection cable correctly

If there is no internet connection on your device, the most probable reason will be, your cable is faulty. Or you’r router has no option for wi-fi. This can easily be diagnosed through the LED indicator on your router or the power adaptor.
Try plugging in the cable to another LAN port. After you have successfully done that, switch off the power and wait for 5 minutes
If the problem still exist, then try calling D-link technical support. They will giud you with each set and will explain you everything.

support for Firmware issue in D-Link router

Firmware helps to create a virtual bridge between you router and your device, thus providing you the ability to connect to the internet.  You can also find the firmware online now a days. since most of the companies provide them without any cost. If there is any issue with the firmware issue that is not allowing the router to work properly then locate the firmware update tool under the section of router management console. Follow the instructions written. If you are still not able to find the solution, do not hesitate to contact D-link technical support as they are always there to help you.