How to Update Linksys router Firmware

How to Update Linksys router Firmware with Linksys router support

Linksys is a well-reputed company that deals in networking and best selling products are the routers. Because of new coming updates firmware needs to be updated regularly basis.  You can easily download the Linksys wifi-routers firmware for the official website. It can sometimes get tough to find the exact firmware to update according to your device model number. That can lead to many issues and the operations cannot run smooth. Linksys wifi router firmware update may also contain device feature enhancement that is not available on the previous version of the driver.

Linksys router firmware update


The router is usually enabled of either automatic or manual updates. To get your Linksys wifi router’s firmware updated you can follow some following steps :

  1. Open your default web browser and enter inside the address bar and then hit the enter key. If this Dows not work, you can check your local IP address.
  1. Enter your credentials inside the box for login. The default passwords are generally admin. In case you have changed it, you can use that.
  1. Click on administrator and then press the firmware update
  1. Click on the browser button and locate to select the file that you want to download and click on open.
  1. Click on the button that says start upgrade
  2. Do not turn off your machine before everything is finished.
  1. Click on continue when it pops up upgrade has been successful. Then turn off the router and turn back on.

Linksys router firmware update support

To prevent the failures before upgrading your link sys wifi router firmware you need to keep following things in mind :

  1. Make sure the device is connected through the cable for a stable connection before upgrading the Linksys router firmware.
  1. You can use a different browser if the default browser does not work so to avoid any hurdle in upgrading your Linksys wifi router firmware.
  1. Download the current firmware and the version according to your device model number.
  1. Make sure you have the backup for the existing configuration.

If you are still facing any issue updating you Linksys wifi routers firmware you can contact Linksys router support. They will assist you better and can complete support for firmware update and guide you also how to update the router firmware and give all assistance.