How to update Netgear Router firmware

How to Update Netgear router with the latest firmware

Every router has a default firmware which is by default compatible with the latest device at the time of purchase the best thing about being associated with Netgear is they have their own Netgear router customer support dedicated to the client. With the update in technology on daily basis, even the firmware, as well as drivers, need to be updated when it comes to the router security the best guidance can be provided to you by Netgear router support. It is very important to keep the firmware updated to avoid any type of interruption in the connectivity or data loss. Since there are many new firewall hazards are there which are being updated by the third party infusion like malware, virus etc. so to make sure that your network is secure from these types of threats it is equally important to keep your firmware updated, If you have any difficulty to follow up you can always connect to Netgear router customer service.

When it comes to how to get the update for the firmware of the router, you can follow some easy steps and make sure you will get the right firmware update for your desired model or can call to Netgear router customer support.

Netgear Router support
Netgear router firmware update support

To check for new firmware update for your Netgear router


  • Click on the default web browser and launch it from the computer or the mobile device that is already connected to your router’s network. You can use any web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, opera or edge. It is recommended that you should use the Ethernet cable while updating your firmware. If you are unable to follow up feel free to connect to Netgear router customer support.
  • Inside the browser address bar, you can go ahead and delete whatever is written, then type and then hit the enter key. It will display a page that says windows router login.
  • You can go ahead and type your default username and passwords in the given box inside the black space. The default username is admin and the default password is usually a password. These are always case sensitive and it might be a possibility it might be changed over time by you or your service provider. If you accidentally forget your id and password you can always use recovery option to generate new id and password. If you are having difficulty locating you default credentials you can contact Netgear router support.
  • Select the advance, then administration or settings, the administration. These labels can vary depending upon the make or the model of the router. If you are not able to locate model and process further, Netgear router support can help you to identify the details just call Netgear router customer support.
  • Select and click on the firmware update or the option which says router update. A box will prompt, on that check on the option which says check.
  • If there is a need of the update it will say new firmware is available. Then click on the yes and hit enter. The update will start and your firmware will get updated within a few minutes.
  • To avoid and corruption in the files click do not shut down your machine or make any kind of interruption. Do not turn off the router until the updates are done.
  • The router will automatically restart once the firmware is been updated and the new setting will be auto-enabled. You are then good to go and enjoy the all-new feature of the Netgear router.

Sometimes these steps can get complicated and can get confusing to follow up. You can always call at Netgear router customer support. They are available 24×7 round the clock. At Netgear router support they make sure that every customer is taken as on a priority basis.