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Having problem connecting your Netgear router to the internet

Facing issues of connecting Netgear router to the internet and not able to reset the router bu need to consult someone who is technically strong. if you want to setup Netgear router by your self then just follow steps given below. after following all the steps you will able to connect to internet through Netgear router.

Follow the below steps to manual setup of your Netgear router

Step 1 –
Disconnect the router and connect it with you’r PC, directly into the modem. If you are still are not able to access the internet then contact your Internet service provider. If you are still able to access thenĀ  unplugged the cable from the router again.
Step 2-

  1. Try to logging into you’r Netgear router home page. If you are not able to locate it, be ensured that all the cables are connect correctly to you’r router . LED indicator on you router will help you to confirm that, if you have an Ethernet cable connected and it the LED is on, then the cable is correctly connected. Likewise, there is a LED indicator on you’r adaptor, if it is a wireless router, then your cable is connected properly. If the problem still surface, then switch off the power and then turn it on again after few minutes. You can directly contact the Netgear router support if the problem still there.
  2. When you are successfully connected to the router, try locating you’r static IP address and then configure it your router.

Step 3-
When, you have successfully logged in to the homepage of your Netgear router. Locate your IP address. If there is no IP address, then type it manually.
Netgear smart-wizard helps you for locating your static IP address. If it fails to do so then, contact the Netgear technical support number.