Tp Link customer service Number

Troubleshooting steps of TP-Link Router

If you are facing issue in your TP-Link Router to access internet and not able to solve these issue by yourself. Contact to a technical person who can understand the issue and can solve the issue happening with your TP-link router.
Below are some steps to solve this issue, please follow the steps to solve TP-link router internet access issue.

Not able to access your internet even after installing your router

You can login to you’r routers web interface and then check for WAN settings then follow the following steps :

  1. Set up your DNS manually and the reboot your router device to finish up the setting.
  2. If you are still facing the problem.  Turn off the power and wait for at least 2 minutes.
  3. Unplug the power chord of the modem and disconnect the coaxial cable.
  4. Then connect the modem to router’s WAN port keeping the power off.
  5. Connect the power cable and make sure the coaxial cable is disconnected.
  6. Wait for minimum 10 minutes and the connect the coaxial cable.
  7. When your device is fully re-connected, locate your ip-address

If you are not able to locate your web management utility

Follow these steps: 

Step 1:Web management utility is a build in page on your internal web server, so no internet connection is required. It is a physical bridge between your device and router. If you have an ethernet cable then connect it to your LAN port and make sure your LED on you’r router is turned on.

Step 2:Your router must have an ip address provided by TP-Link. Mostly TP-Link devices DHCP enabled and allow the router to assign the ip address automatically. If you are still facing the problem regarding the configuration, you can contact TP-link technical support.

Firewall and antivirus : Sometimes, firewall and antivirus can cause the router not to access your device so, you can switch off your antivirus and try again.

Get support by Tp-Link customer support

Router customer support have dedicated team of Tp-Link technical experts.they are available 24*7 on toll free Number +1-833-338-2444 and you will get the support and solution of all technical issues happening with your router.

if you are getting issue like :

  • password reset
  • no internet access
  • wireless router setup

if you have any issues as mentioned above you can call TP-link customer support and get instant support TP-link technical experts on toll free Number +1-833-338-2444.